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One of the most popular activities of the Seacliff Improvement Association is the annual Seacliff Beautification Awards.  In the village of Seacliff, where most of the front yards offer an opportunity to garden on a very small scale, residents find attractive and delightful ways to showcase their landscape with a variety of plants, trellises, fountains and more. When the work is done the Seacliff Improvement Association is ready to reward their efforts. Since 1998, over 100 homeowners have received the Beautification Award.




Winners receive a $50 gift certificate from Hidden Gardens Nursery and an “award” sign in their front yard. Awards are given each summer with a total of four awards per year.

Committee members survey their assigned area; each member can nominate up to two homes. After the nominees are submitted, the committee then has the challenging task of picking just four homes from the approximately 15-20 that are nominated throughout Seacliff.

Seacliff Improvement Association members interested in joining the committee may contact the association at