Help the Seacliff Improvement Association raise money to repair the

Beachgate Trail!

Santa Cruz County’s 37th Annual Human Race Walkathon and Fun Run will take place on May 13th, 2017. The Human Race is a nationwide fundraising event where communities come together for a good cause and is our primary fundraiser.

Our 2017 goal is to raise $2500!

The money we raise this year will be used by the association toward the rebuilding of the Beachgate stairs. As many of you know, Beachgate pathway incurred severe damage from the recent rain and the broken pipe underneath the stairs, making it inaccessible. Beachgate serves as an important gateway for our community to gain access to the beach. 

Use our PayPal link, at the top right  of this page, to make a donation and include “Human Race” in the message so we know to include it in our fundraising tally.

Thank you in advance for your donation, and for your continued support!


Seacliff Downtown Undergrounding Update – December 2016

As you can tell from the large, flashing road construction signs, the undergrounding of utilities in our downtown has begun. Underground boring work began on Coates Drive in November. Once this is completed, hopefully within the next week, boring will begin on the north side of Center Avenue, State Park Drive south of Center Avenue and will continue around the corner onto Santa Cruz Avenue. Trenching will then begin on both sides of Broadway and continue onto the ocean side of Center Avenue. Downtown parking during the day throughout this trenching will be limited. Metal plates will be placed over the trenches so parking spaces will be available in the evening.

Once the Santa Cruz County Public Works Department completes its survey for the portion of the undergrounding around the northwest corner of State Park Drive and East Seacliff Drive, trenching will begin on these roads moving uphill to the railroad tracks. Boring is required under the tracks.

Utility boxes will be set into the road and new poles have been installed to receive the utilities at the edges of the project. Once the road construction portion of the undergrounding is finished, the utility companies whose lines will run underground, will each, in turn, send their lines through the conduits and connect to the utility boxes and edge poles. Once all utilities are in place and connectivity throughout the project area is confirmed, poles that no longer carry these utilities will be removed.

Since undergrounding construction will last several months and location of work will be shifting daily, drive slowly and exercise caution through this area to keep workers, pedestrians and other motorists safe. This is especially critical after dark and when parking space is limited and pedestrians are difficult to see. For other questions about this project and the county beautification project, write to:   info@seacliffimprovement.org


Seacliff Has a Park!

Seacliff ParkSeacliff celebrates the opening of our long anticipated neighborhood park!


The Seacliff neighborhood and friends joined Santa Cruz County Supervisor Zach Friend and Jeff Gaffney, Director of Santa Cruz County’s Department of Parks, Open Space and Cultural Services for the ribbon-cutting ceremony and celebration of the official opening of Seacliff Village Park, located at the corner of Sea Ridge Road and McGregor Drive.


Over a decade ago, Seacliff residents organized “Seacliff Needs a Park” aka “SNAP” as a grassroots campaign to prevent a commercial strip-mall from being built on the privately-owned property.

Following the disappointing loss of a bond measure that would have raised the money to buy the park property, Santa Cruz County Supervisor Ellen Pirie worked with Santa Cruz County Supervisor Jan Beautz on an inventive and complex financing strategy that enabled the County of Santa Cruz to acquire the “McGregor Park Site” in November 2007.

By Spring, 2008, public “envisioning” workshops were underway and the Master Plan for the new Santa Cruz County park took shape. Mindful of the cost to build the park, Sheryl Bailey, the County’s Park Project Manager, worked with SSA Landscape Architects to create a two-part phased building plan.
Phase I includes a lighthouse themed play structure; a small plaza and a picnic area with ADA picnic tables; a drinking fountain; a nifty bike rack; multiple walkways crisscrossing throughout the park with benches to sit and admire the view of Monterey Bay. This phase also includes drought tolerant landscaping with educational signage and a safe, new sidewalk along McGregor Drive.

Phase I of the park also includes the creation and installation of a public art component by local artist Kathleen Crocetti. Ms. Crocetti has cast 38-stained concrete pylons of varying heights, solidly anchored along the park pathways and topped with Seacliff-theme mosaics designed by kids, teens and parents.

The Seacliff Improvement Association, the Seacliff Village Plan Committee and Seacliff Needs A Park, Inc. have each been instrumental in the acquisition of the parkland and the Seacliff Village Park Master Plan process. As a result of these collective efforts, in collaboration with the SC County Parks Department and Supervisor Zach Friend’s office, local residents, children and visitors to Seacliff will now be able to enjoy a safe, well-designed and maintained neighborhood park. otter